Project Description

Product Description

The Marrow Cellution™ Bone Harvest device allows the clinician to harvest autologous bone grafts that contain properties which are osteoconductive, osteoinductive, and osteogenic in nature. The autologous bone is extracted in a minimally invasive manner minimizing patient morbidity. Harvesting intact cancellous bone cores without disrupting the highly-organized living tissue is superior to transplanting pieces of bone. Intact grafts maintain the micro-vascular network within the graft, promoting bone callus formation/remodeling and do not exhibit extensive resorption. Combining the Marrow Cellution™ aspirate with cancellous bone cores allows for the delivery of the “gold standard” for bone formation.

Competitive Advantages

The Power of AutoGraft Without the Morbidity

Marrow Cells Grow Bone!

Sourcing Those Cells No Longer Requires Invasive Measures Associated with Post-Operative Complications

Minimally Invasive Bone Grafts

Bone cores taken with the MARROW CELLUTIONTM Bone Core Device:

  • Do not create post-operative complications because the diameter of the dowel is narrow. Several cores can be taken per procedure using the same device.
  • Do not disrupt the highly-organized living tissue structure to include the vascular micro- environment of the sample.

Spanning a defect with these cores creates a healing environment that is similar to a fracture. Once an anastomosis is established to the dowel, the blood supply of the entire column is established. Marrow aspirate is highly angiogenic.

Quality Over Quantity

Combining bone cores with a graft extender such as DBM hydrated with aspirate from the MC RAN aspiration system gives you the power of autograft without the morbidity. Higher quality aspirates combined with core samples where the vascular integrity of the living bone dowels is carefully preserved.

This compares to creeping-substitution associated with typical autograft where a large sample that often creates post-operative complications is taken without consideration of maintaining the micro- environment of the sample.

Higher quality, less quantity, delivered appropriately minimizes host morbidity.

Creating the Graft

Using a Graft Delivery Syringe and the Marrow CellutionTM Bone Core Harvest Device, the clinician can create a combination graft of a vascularized intact bone core in the center of the graft surrounded by allogeneic, autologous or synthetic bone chips hydrated with cellular marrow aspirate.

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Ordering Information

MC-RAN-8C 74266-01M 11 Gauge x 3.5” Introducer Needle
11 Gauge Blunt Stylet
14 Gauge Aspiration Cannula
10 Ml Syringe
Also includes:
8 Gauge x 3.5” Swagged Tip Introducer Needle
Measurement Probe
Cancellous Bone Dowel Extraction Tool
(For Obese Patients)
74266-04M 11 Gauge x 4.5” Introducer Needle
11 Gauge Blunt Stylet
14 Gauge Aspiration Cannula
10 Ml Syringe
Also Includes:
8 Gauge x 4” Swagged Tip Introducer Needle
Measurement Probe
Cancellous Bone Dowel Extraction Tool

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