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Product Description

OsteoP Granules

CELLFUSE™ is a revolutionary synthetic bone graft substitute that is composed of porous, osteoconductive polymeric carbohydrate with a trabecular structure simulating the multi-dimensional interconnectivity of human cancellous bone. When placed in direct contact with host bone, CELLFUSE™ supports and guides the ingrowth of new bone across the graft site and resorbs as the healing process occurs. The consistency of CELLFUSE™ allows the surgeon to easily manipulate and maximize the direct contact with viable host bone. CELLFUSE™ is intended for single patient use only and is provided sterile in a one-time use double sterile packaging. CELLFUSE™ is available in various forms including granules, sheets as well as custom shapes.


  • Osteoconductive
    • Supports degradation to regeneration ratio
    • Formulation optimization for granules, strips, blocks, cylinders and wedges
  • Resorbable
    • 100% resorption
  • Optimal Microenvironment
    • Originally developed as a scaffold for stem cell culture and differentiation
  • Fusion Monitoring
    • Radiolucent post implantation to visualize bone formation
  • Quality
    • Pore size 1-700 microns
    • Pores are main distribution within a range of  50-500 microns
    • 75%-95% porous
    • Suturable
    • Hydrates quickly and easily
  • Safety
    • Minimal  inflammation
    • No Encapsulation

Competitive Advantages

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Granules Ordering Information

Catalog # Volume
CF-G5 5cc
CF-G10 10cc
CF-G20 20cc
CF-G30 30cc

Sheets Ordering Information

Catalog # Volume
CF-s25x25x5 25mm x 25mm x 5mm
CF-s25x50x5 25mm x 50mm x 5mm
CF-s25x75x5 25mm x 75mm x 5mm
CF-s25x125x5 25mm x 125mm x 5mm

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