Project Description

Product Description

Utilizing the same patent(s) pending technology as the original Marrow Cellution™ device to maximize the harvest of key stem & progenitor cells while limiting peripheral blood infiltration, the MC-RAN-13FA allows for lateral aspiration while maintaining occlusion of peripheral blood due to the welded distal tip of the aspiration needle. This occlusion results in a lateral bone marrow draw. The lateral draw in 1-2cc increments results in a high-quality autologous biologic without the need for centrifugation. The MC-RAN-13FA is designed for use outside the iliac crest, it can be used in humeral head, calcaneus and/or tibia.

Competitive Advantages

MC Foot and Ankle Needle

Keeping a foot ahead of the competitionDesigned for the needs of the Foot and Ankle Surgeon, this proprietary bone marrow aspiration needle utilizes the same patent pending technology as the standard Marrow CellutionTM device to maximize the harvest of key stem & progenitor cells while limiting peripheral blood infiltration. It can be used in the calcaneus and/or tibia.

Many clinicians supplement their marrow hydrated bone grafts with a bone dowel from the calcaneus. Bone dowels harvested in this manner can be delivered over a traditional 8-gauge needle or the working channel created by the arthroscopic tool to reduce the morbidity of transplanting or placing the graft into the defect site.


Due to its shortened profile, this needle is also often used in spine procedures for making pilot holes for pedicle screws and in pediatrics.

Ordering Information

MC-RAN-13FA 74297-01M MC Foot and Ankle Aspiration Needle
2” Effective Length
13 Gauge x 5cm Introducer Needle
10 Ml Syringe
MC-RAN-13FAB 74298-01M Includes all MC-RAN-13FA components
8 Gauge x 3.5” Swaged Tip Introducer Needle
Measurement Probe
Cancellous Bone Dowel Extraction Tool

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