“Thank you for this advancement in BMA, this has allowed a happier staff, a happier patient and a happier doctor.”

Emerging Power of Orthobiologics in Orthopedic Care and Sports Medicine

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“For years we used the traditional method of taking large quantities of BMA and followed by centrifugation, our results were good, and we thought the time invested to use the centrifuge was worth the investment. However, after using the Marrow Cellutions device, we turn our cases over much more quickly, with less discomfort on the part of the patient, and have had a remarkable improvement in results. This has allowed a happier staff, a happier patient, and a happier Doctor. Thank you for this advancement in BMA.”

“My patients outcomes have improved greatly and quicker since I started using the Marrow Cellution bone marrow needle.”

” A new fat kit is finally available that will blow away Lipogems at a fraction of the cost.  Over the last year I have personally been involved in helping the company do the beta testing on patients in my office. Having used both Lipogems (I was the first in New England to use Lipogems and I did 50 cases with it before abandoning it) and this new kit, I can say that there is truly no comparison in terms of ease of use and quality of finished product” 

Dr. Paul Tortland, D.O., New England Stem Cell Institute